The Big Guys!!

Hydrangea oh my!! I can’t even begin to count how many hydrangea tall centerpieces I’ve done throughout the years! It seems like every other wedding I do or have been a part of have these massive beasts are begging me to put them together. When dealing with a large wedding (or even smaller weddings now that I think about it) doing different layouts for half the tables really mixes it up, and I think makes the overall appearance look fantastic. Typically I’d recommend doing half tall, half short. Which brings me to these big beasts I call hydrangea balls; a tall cylinder vase (normally but square will do too) with a big ball of flowers on top. They can be real round and ball shape or be loose and spray out. These arrangements can even be just for the  check in table, bar decor, or ceremony. They are so big and really stand out wherever they are placed!


This red beast was part of the altar for the ceremony. The other one was just as big and sat about 8 ft away creating a grand border to the couple getting married!

All white hydrangea always looks really clean and simple, yet makes a big statement! This guy sat on top of a 4 ft cylinder vase, filled with water and wired orchids. It was quite the beast!

Getting into the beasts that spray instead of holding their round shape, orchids really help them come alive!

White Dendrobium orchids are perfect for this!

And finally, one of my favorites! A mix of hydrangea, other spring sprays, and feathers!! I just love how well shades of blue and purple go together!! LOVE!!

Boutonnieres are a funny thing!

Boutonnieres are what men wear during a wedding to accent their attire and tie it all in with the wedding flowers. They are so little, yet make such a big impact, especially in pictures. Making them is always something I dread, because there is normally like 100 to make for every wedding I do, haha, but I always love the outcome and how they look when we finally pin them on the groomsmen! There are so many different ways you can make them! You can get really funky and creative and add things like feathers or buttons to make them really stand out, or you can keep it simple and be the final touch to the wedding. Here are some boutonnieres I’ve done throughout the years!


Feathers are so fun!! And there is SOO many cool colors and a variety to pick (hehe) from! This boutonniere doesn’t even have any flowers in it, talk about hardy and long-lasting!

Succulents are one of my favorite kind of boutonnieres! They are so fun and literally from the garden! There are so many different kinds to choose from and they mix well with other flowers!

 The curled bottom on these two boutonnieres are very traditional, my own personal opinion about them is that this style is out dated. But if you like it, we’ll do it!

Seven Stems 1st Photo Shoot!!

After gathering props and driving all around town, Marisa and I finally had everything we wanted to do our first photo shoot! We found some killer wine boxes in Orange, some wood pallets (Thanks Charlie!), and of course flowers!

A trip down to the Carlsbad Flower Mart is always like a trip to the candy store for me, so limiting myself to a few things for some bouquets was hard. But we managed!  Little Madix, my sisters cute little man (6 this June, oh how the time flies!!) came with us and was a big help with picking out some good finds.

Marisa made a sweet table with wood (her husband Rad helped, Thanks!) and with the finishing touches of a fresh coat of paint and some sanding down, (for a shabby chic look) it was time to put my creative juices to work! Friday was the day we put it all together and boy did the day turn out beautiful!

Please enjoy these lovely guys!


Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen!!