Seven Stems 1st Photo Shoot!!

After gathering props and driving all around town, Marisa and I finally had everything we wanted to do our first photo shoot! We found some killer wine boxes in Orange, some wood pallets (Thanks Charlie!), and of course flowers!

A trip down to the Carlsbad Flower Mart is always like a trip to the candy store for me, so limiting myself to a few things for some bouquets was hard. But we managed!  Little Madix, my sisters cute little man (6 this June, oh how the time flies!!) came with us and was a big help with picking out some good finds.

Marisa made a sweet table with wood (her husband Rad helped, Thanks!) and with the finishing touches of a fresh coat of paint and some sanding down, (for a shabby chic look) it was time to put my creative juices to work! Friday was the day we put it all together and boy did the day turn out beautiful!

Please enjoy these lovely guys!


Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen!!



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