Boutonnieres are a funny thing!

Boutonnieres are what men wear during a wedding to accent their attire and tie it all in with the wedding flowers. They are so little, yet make such a big impact, especially in pictures. Making them is always something I dread, because there is normally like 100 to make for every wedding I do, haha, but I always love the outcome and how they look when we finally pin them on the groomsmen! There are so many different ways you can make them! You can get really funky and creative and add things like feathers or buttons to make them really stand out, or you can keep it simple and be the final touch to the wedding. Here are some boutonnieres I’ve done throughout the years!


Feathers are so fun!! And there is SOO many cool colors and a variety to pick (hehe) from! This boutonniere doesn’t even have any flowers in it, talk about hardy and long-lasting!

Succulents are one of my favorite kind of boutonnieres! They are so fun and literally from the garden! There are so many different kinds to choose from and they mix well with other flowers!

 The curled bottom on these two boutonnieres are very traditional, my own personal opinion about them is that this style is out dated. But if you like it, we’ll do it!

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