Orchid Heaven!

Before moving to Maui a couple years ago for work, I truly believed that roses should go in everything. My love for them was so strong and I thought that would never change. How could it? Roses come in so many different shapes and sizes, their smell alone captivate me! They can add such a soft and elegant touch to anything!! (OK now I’m getting carried away)… But now. After having spent a good amount of time on Island, I have changed my ways. I believe, ORCHIDS should go in everything. They are truly sensational! They can add so much to a bouquet by simply complementing other spring flowers or really popping and make everything stand out so much more! I just LOVE working with them!! Here are some of my favorites from over the years. Some traditional, cascading, or what I like to call combo’s 😉 (a hand-held bouquet that cascades, not a cascading bouquet in a holder).

This is one of may favorite combo’s!!

Here is a good example of mixing all types of flowers together; spring and tropicals with pearl accents.

This is a VERY traditional and simple Phalaenopsis Orchid bouquet in a holder..(Which means there are no stems to wrap with ribbon, its in a plastic holder/piece the bride holds)

This is a very bright and tropical bouquet, round in shape with calla lilies, roses and green cymbidium orchids! Definitely demanding attention!

Another traditional style bouquet, but with a not so traditional flower!

Another great mix of spring and tropical flowers!

Here is another traditional cascade bouquet, but with a very TROPICAL and WILD feel to it. I L-O-V-E IT!!!

And last but not least, a bright tropical bouquet with a simple touch to it. I love these two colors together, they really pop against each other!

I thank God for all these brides! For the opportunity to get really creative and design unique, breathtaking bouquets!!








One thought on “Orchid Heaven!

  1. OH SO AMAZING!!!!! I adore orchids and am astounded at the variations; textures; depths; and difference of all the bouquets! Indeed these brides were very blessed!

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