Short Stems, Tall Order!!

Centerpieces: if they aren’t tall, their considered short.  I’ve already posted about the Big Guys ( so now I’m going to mention the short guys. They are definitely easier to make and  economically friendly. If you are on a budget, or want to add a variety to your reception with a combo of half tall, half short I’d definitely recommend doing some of short arrangement. Another bonus to them is they are out of  eye sight, which is nice for your guests so they don’t have to talk over flowers to someone on the other side of their table. Because small arrangements are easier to transport they can also be a great  souvenir for your guest to take home (unless you rented the containers/vases and need to return them to your florist, in that case please remind your guest not to take them!).  Over the 9 years of doing weddings, I’ve definitively seen some unique and different centerpieces, below are just a few of the ones I’d like to share with you!

This head table was one of my favorites because it incorporated long wooden boxes with some manzanita trees in between.

Silver Urns in my opinion are very romantic! There was no variation in size for this particular wedding, but these urns made a big impact with their simplicity and beauty.

This may not seem like your typical short arrangement, but compared to the other centerpieces (which you can see in my blog about the big guys) they were. I love how each vase is filled with one type of flower, complimenting each other and definitely making a huge impact.

A very tropical wedding used short arrangements not only for their centerpieces, but also for the bar decor adding a little bit of beauty to an already gorgeous setting.

I love wood boxes! They add so much natural beauty, especially if your vibe is very earthy. Succulents are also one of my favorites and I just drooled over this entire wedding!

Adding props is also very easy to do when you have short centerpieces! These lanterns were very cool and looked great with their candles lit at night! (Tip: Short arrangement’s don’t even necessarily have to be in a container, these were made on bamboo plates!)

For smaller wedding parties, short centerpieces just make more sense. To spice up these arrangements, a river rock runner and clusters of floating candles were added. Such a great idea!!

More wood boxes, but this time much shorter to allow better flower coverage. They also have space for candles to add more of a romantic feel.

I absolutely LOVE this color combo!! It is just so happy and really made a big impact with the different sizes and adding the floating candles.

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