Seven Stems 2nd Photo Shoot!

It’s that time again! Unlimited freedom to create whatever I want for the pleasure of sharing with all of you wonderful people! Setting up and creating a design can easily become a love hate relationship for me; I get to create whatever I want, but I have to limit myself and pick one theme! Unlike the first photo shoot, where we did a spread of different bridal bouquets, I wanted to create more of one style: bridal bouquet, boutonniere and one table centerpiece that had various pieces to play around with. One of my favorite colors to work with is purple, and it always goes great with white and different textures/shades of green. To keep an earthy feel I decided to add succulents, herbs, and spring flowers. (Oh yea, we really got into it this time!!) I found a really CUTE bird-cage, which has been the popular subject around me lately, and some candle holders to match. **I had a wedding a few weeks ago which was entirely bird themed…all kinds of feathers EVERYWHERE, bird-cage centerpieces with random bird figurines which all blended together perfectly and became one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever done. I had to share, sorry!** SO back to our photo shoot…. It turned out just lovely and I am once again so incredibly thankful for all the wonderful help I received to make this possible! I couldn’t have done it with out all of you, and of course the big man upstairs to feed my brain with these creative juices 😉

This bridal Bouquet was your traditional round shape, but I added some jasmine vines and other cascading herbs to give it more of a romantic look.

The boutonniere to match, was made from lavender,  black scabiosa buds and some rosemary. Wrapped in the same fabric as the bridal bouquet.

The table centerpiece had many parts to it, that could be combined and rearranged countless times and gave off a different feel every time! My favorite piece was the bird cage of course, as well as the candlesticks ….and the cool wooden boxes. OK I loved it all!!

Here’s a closer look inside the bird cage, super simple, yet it stands out and looked amazing! Succulents, scabiosa pods (the brown lollipop looking thing) anemones, birch branches and jasmine.

Cant forget to mention the Spanish moss, the grey hairy curly looking stuff, it might seem strange, but it adds such an organic vibe! Not to mention more bird like if that is your theme 😉

The short candlestick was I think the prettiest to look at. It had the best combo of all elements and really took my breath away!

These cubes, or wooden boxes were a cute addition to the table centerpieces. They had the same flowers, but brought a whole new vibe to the mix because of their shape and container.

This type of centerpiece would go best on a rectangular table, as it can be spread out to cover more area and really stand out. Candles, small votive or floating, can be added to the mix to really make it spectacular! You could also add bud vases to really fill it in and make an even greater impact!

I want to thank everyone who helped make this photo shoot happen! I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for! Thank you GOD 🙂