Oh How I DO!

I’ve been SO busy these past few weeks, who knew flowers could take up so much of ones time!? ūüėČ Well, I’m forcing myself to sit down and take the time to share some pretty things that have been running through my¬†head lately. One of the most important parts of a wedding, besides the bridal bouquet (in my¬†opinion anyways) is the ceremony! There are a million different ways of setting up¬†your ceremony; whether you’re getting married in a church or have a beautiful venue with an awesome layout, there is something for everyone! I hope these pictures and ideas will help you figure out which one suits you best (if you’re in the middle of planning your special day, otherwise I hope you enjoy the read!). I’ve gathered a few weddings for examples that are worth mentioning, because¬†I really liked that particular wedding or it was a good and simple idea. Enjoy!

If your wedding is in a place that already has an arch with natural greens growing on it (on a budget or not) I suggest using it! Its simple, ready to be used, and if you wanted to touch it up you can! This particular wedding was at a private residence that had a great surrounding garden area, arch included! Their reception was already jam-packed with so many different props and flowers that leaving the ceremony simple was a great idea. We did nothing to the natural structure, but add fisherman hooks down the aisle with hanging bubble bowls that had a succulent and moss in them. I LOVED how adorable and simple these were!


Keeping with our simple theme, we move on to adding one item to the Arch. This next wedding  was done at the Big Red Barn in Huntington Beach (if your theme is country I highly recommend checking out this location, its adorable!!) and the ceremony was kept very organic with a simple succulent spray. It was the only item added to the ceremony, aside from all the personals, and I thought it turned out very well!

Rather then placing flowers just at the top, you can place them on either side of the arch. This normally works better (I think anyway) on arches that are square verses round. The next few weddings are some examples. The first has the flowers placed lower than normal and  this structure had some natural vines growing on it. Sheer curtains were added, it turned out lovely!

Instead of placing your flowers low, you can place them high on the corners like this next wedding. A Jewish Chuppah was built up on the lawn area at a Golf Course in San Diego and flowers were added, trails of ribbons: yellow ombre. I just loved the white orchids and curly willow spraying out! It Looked GORGEOUS!!

After two comes three, so this next wedding shows the combination of adding flowers on the center and the sides. I feel this is a more traditional approach to an arch. A classic beauty!

So enough of this counting business, we have seen and hopefully understand now what a floral spray looks like and how they can be placed to arches. But what if your venue or church doesn’t have an arch? And your thinking to yourself, that this all might be too much for you? Well, that leads me to another option you can have! Pillars! These are easier to transport and set up and still look amazing after adding vases or candles and of course flowers! ūüôā

Here we have two beautiful tropical arrangements (that can easily be reused for the reception if you wanted to) on top of two white pillars. Still a lovely sight to stand in front of to say¬†your I Do’s!

These pillar arrangements can get really big or small. It’s really all about what you want.¬†( if you would like to see more examples of bigger pillar¬†arrangement’s¬†check us out¬†on Facebook¬†at http://www.facebook.com/sevenstems). In a Penthouse suite in downtown San Diego we¬†added more than one size pillar to contribute to this weddings contemporary vibe.

OK, moving right a long, we venture back to arches. This time we’re going to get fully loaded with flowers!! Instead of doing simple sprays, you could get really “crazy” and do full coverage!! It will be more costly, but if you can do it, I WOULD!! It will just take your breath away! One of my favorites, is this beauty below. Just breathe it in!

If you love the full top coverage and think, I WANT MORE, you can add smaller side sprays like this next wedding did. Although there is a lot going on here, it is still “simple” because it’s all one type of flower; White Dendrobium Orchids!

This next couple wanted the works!! Not only did they do a FULL coverage arch, which you will see here. They also wanted the pillars with giant flower arrangements on top. Combined with an aisle fully lined with petals it was definitely a sight to see!

Notice that the beginning of this wedding had lots of color that popped all the way down to the white arch! (A minor detail that you might really like and want to incorporate.) I thought it turned out magnificent!

If your one of those girls who LOVE crystals and pearls,but still have that earthy romantic vibe, this next arch is one you will love!! It was fully covered in curly willow (to cover up the hideous iron arch that venue already had) and we added several floral sprays varying in size to make it absolutely beautiful!

And lastly, evening ceremonies!¬†I haven’t mentioned much about night weddings, but boy can you have a lot of fun¬†with those. This wedding in particular lit it UP, literally, with the amount of candles used. Lining the whole aisle from start to finish, with candles hanging from the manzanita tree branches to surrounding the platform. It was absolutely insane!!!