Fall in Love!!

With the weather finally cooling down around here its beginning to feel like Fall!! I absolutely love this time of year!! The leaves are changing, it’s getting cold and I can finally wear my Ugg boots, scarfs and jackets! Hot cocoa by the fireplace here I come….well soon enough. This time of year also gets super busy wedding wise, which is why I havent had time to blog! I’m forcing myself to sit down and take a breath to tell all you lovelies out there about a super fun and creative event my sister and I recently got to be a part of! 🙂

Pottery Barn was having their Friends and Family event and asked for two floral centerpieces; one Fall themed and the other Winter. Now, I love the holidays, don’t get me wrong, but my sister Marisa…LIVES for the holidays!  She is SO incredibly crafty and has been bugging me about what we’re going to do for the holidays flower wise since, I’d say,  the middle of summer, at least! Haha! Nothing wrong with that! 😉

Oh, ok, so back to Pottery Barn…. with this opportunity to do absolutely whatever I wanted (which really doesn’t ever happen) I wanted to do something GOOOOD, and BIG, and holiday ishh with an elegant touch to it. I didn’t want to stick a turkey in the middle of a bunch of orange hoopla and call it done.  So, after looking thru a bunch of different materials for inspiration, it was time to put our plan into action and go pickin ( literally I mean pickin!).

I already had these GIANT crates that I wanted to use, so we were going to have to definitely downsize it…

So Marisa and her husband went to work sanding and resizing it.

Once we had the box ready, we were able to put our blend of cream, sand, pale orange and brown flowers together. I went picking, literally (see I told you!), through my friends neighborhood and found some foliage like magnolia leaves, dusty miller, sycamore leaves and other goodies to add that special FALL touch!!

And thanks to the lovely and TALENTED Megan Young of Megan Young Graphic Design & Photography, we were able to turn this into a mini photo shoot!

I’d like to take this opportunity to say that this could very well have been a  country inspired, vintage/rustic Fall wedding. So after making this lovely beast of mine, I got crazy and made a bridal bouquet to match!

Megan is so good with what she does and I highly recommend her for any or all your photographic needs! Check her out at www.megan-y.com for more information and samples of her work! I can not wait to collaborate with her again!

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