Purple Cray

Purple. Purple. PURPLE!!!

It seems that 2012 was all about the color purple and weddings all over were blowing  it up!

Here are a few of our favorites from last year.


This bride loved purple and let us incorporate shades of maroon and fuchsia to really add a great contrast with the purple Orchids and lavender roses. I absolutely LOVE all the purple orchids in this wedding!! A beautiful bouquet for a GORGEOUS bride!! ūüėČ


Have I told you I love orchids? These purple mokara orchids were incredible! I want to scream with joy when I look at these boutonnieres!!


An elegant and eye-catching arrangement for the check in table. The purple hydrangea was insane! Love the dusty miller and curly willow.


For another purple wedding of ours, we got to incorporate the blue tones. Adding peacock feathers to the mix for that cherry on top effect!


The purple, which look like a bright blue, anemone’s are one of my favorites and really popped in these bouquets!


We incorporated maroon in this wedding. To help save on cost, because we all have a budget,¬† (and I probably shouldn’t be telling you, oops)¬† we substituted maroon carnations (Yeah, I said it. Carnations.) for a few dahlia’s and BOOM you still have a beautiful centerpiece and nobody knows, except you. So hush! Haha


Rectangle Love

There are so many different ways you can set up your reception with table sizes and layouts available.¬† Once you pick your table size and layout you are then ready to dress them up! In this blog post I am specifically going to show you some rectangle table’s to help give you some ideas on how get creative with your layout.

This wedding was small and intimate at a restaurant.  With a river rock runner surrounded by clusters of floating candles and flower centerpieces, this made a big impact with little effort!

This next wedding reception had the same type of feel to it. Even with a small guest number the variety in vase size, centerpieces and candles it really blended well with the color scheme.

The only rectangle table at this next wedding was the head table, which was incredibly long! We used three wooden boxes, maybe 3 1/2 feet long with two smaller manzanita branch centerpieces in between. It was a great way to break up the flowers and add some height.

Long Wooden Boxes

When you have long rectangle tables, most commonly your going to have a lot of little arrangements to spread out like this next wedding did. This was a bigger sized wedding with two incredibly long picnic style tables. A lace table runner was laid down with clusters of various containers and flowers. I just loved how sweet this wedding turned out!

Lace Table Runner

And finally, this last wedding incorporated longer low arrangements with bud vases and floating candles. I love how simple and elegant the table turned out! Peonies and Gardenia’s, LOVE!!!

Long and low with bud vases