Purple Cray

Purple. Purple. PURPLE!!!

It seems that 2012 was all about the color purple and weddings all over were blowing  it up!

Here are a few of our favorites from last year.


This bride loved purple and let us incorporate shades of maroon and fuchsia to really add a great contrast with the purple Orchids and lavender roses. I absolutely LOVE all the purple orchids in this wedding!! A beautiful bouquet for a GORGEOUS bride!! 😉


Have I told you I love orchids? These purple mokara orchids were incredible! I want to scream with joy when I look at these boutonnieres!!


An elegant and eye-catching arrangement for the check in table. The purple hydrangea was insane! Love the dusty miller and curly willow.


For another purple wedding of ours, we got to incorporate the blue tones. Adding peacock feathers to the mix for that cherry on top effect!


The purple, which look like a bright blue, anemone’s are one of my favorites and really popped in these bouquets!


We incorporated maroon in this wedding. To help save on cost, because we all have a budget,  (and I probably shouldn’t be telling you, oops)  we substituted maroon carnations (Yeah, I said it. Carnations.) for a few dahlia’s and BOOM you still have a beautiful centerpiece and nobody knows, except you. So hush! Haha


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