Save me some Cake

Did you know…. that wedding cakes play a big role in ones wedding? They once were looked upon as a sugary tower of white frosting, but have now transformed into these amazing artistic creations!! With a handy tool called Pinterest, a bride can now search through thousands of cakes to help find one that suits her best! Ranging from rustic naked layers to dramatic sugar details cascading down the side, these beauties are worthy of attention. They demand it!

Your guests might forget your first dance song or the color scheme, but I am confident your friends and family will walk away remembering the cake display. Yep, I said it, display. These crafty sweet layers of love are now a major focal point. Fresh flowers obviously can be added to any sweet treat, and that’s just one of the things I love to do!

I’ve seen some things (A Texas fondant cake for the groom, which was definitely eye-catching.. no offense to the state!) and wanted to share some note worthy work. So lets ooh & ahh at some of our favorites together!




Kayla & Ronnie Wedding 179




Lagman CaKE


RIP cake table,that was once an eye sore.
CHEERS to the display of exquisite deliciousness! 

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