Mission Basilica



What’s more timeless than classic whites, blushes and navy? NOTHING! Now pair that with the breath taking backdrop of Mission San Juan Capistrano.  And you’ve literally found the perfect wedding!

You know when you see two people just SO in love you can just feel it? That’s Jeannie & Chris. Two people destined for love. Jeannie and I met over Chai for some good girl talk, oohing and ahhing over her beautiful custom ring, that stud muffin fiance of hers and wedding planning. Did I mention The Chair? It is my very favorite, I am serious, you need one. Make a day of it, swing by the local gem of a coffee shop, Hidden House Cafe.  Grab one and walk over and tour The Mission. You wont regret it! Ok, back to these love birds, Jeannie wanted an everlasting romantic feel with some added bling. We went with luscious blooms, peonies, garden roses, hydrangea and topped it off with some perfect white phalenopsis orchids. DREAM come true!


The Ceremony was full of tradition, beauty and history. Be prepared to pick your jaw up off the floor, it’s ok, we wont judge you.


The traditional Catholic ceremony was full of meaning for the couple. But really, we can’t get over how gorgeous the chapel was!


The Mission is a breathe taker, not only for what it represents but the insainly beautiful backdrop it provides over time. I am serious when I say, The Mission is my favorite location. The images are always breathtaking.


I cant even handle what a picture perfect couple they are, he’s tall and handsome and she’s drop dead gorgeous!! Jeannie kept it simple with an ivory satin fit + flare dress with beaded details and Chris in his GQ, slim cut navy suit.





Seriously, how are they not on a cover of a magazine?


The dinner party was held at the one and only St. Regis. Keeping with their classic and traditional style, their decor was simply stunning! With blush blooms in clear glass and towering centerpieces, the tables were sparkling. Dozens of tea lights and candles set the romantic tone for the evening.





The blooms add just the right touch, to an already perfect cake. Sweet, romantic, and timeless. The details always set the tone.


When it’s everlasting love, ordinary just wont do. Romantic, dreamy, and just the right amount of luxe. Jeannie + Chris are a perfect 10.


Our Dream Team

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Kelsey and Josh

 A young and very much in love couple from my church recently got married and Seven Stems was honored to be part of their joyous day. Kelsey was a DIY bride who was inspired by babies breath and hydrangea with accents of peach and coral. Crystal, of Crystal Nicole Photography, did a beautiful job capturing Kelsey and Josh’s special day. I hope you all enjoy!

Kelsey wanted a delicate floral crown of babies breath. She looked absolutely gorgeous!!

 Her bridal bouquet was full of white hydrangea, peach stock, babies breath and a few succulents. Loved it!!

Her awesome bridesmaids had all different dresses in shades of coral and peach. Their bouquets where light and fluffy bunches of babies breath. Cute shot!

View More: http://crystal-nicole.pass.us/joshkelseymarried

 You don’t always have to have an elaborate bouquet for your bridesmaids. Simple and chic, SCORE!!!

View More: http://crystal-nicole.pass.us/joshkelseymarried

For Josh’s boutonniere, we used peach spray roses and babies breath to match Kelsey’s bouquet.

View More: http://crystal-nicole.pass.us/joshkelseymarried

As for the rest of the guys, babies breath boutonnieres it is. They look great!

View More: http://crystal-nicole.pass.us/joshkelseymarried

An adorable DIY banner was hung at the ceremony site, so playful and fun. For all you brides out there, don’t forget to have fun with your décor!

View More: http://crystal-nicole.pass.us/joshkelseymarried

Uhm, how awesome is this picture!? That bouquet is gorgeous!

     View More: http://crystal-nicole.pass.us/joshkelseymarried

Oh and this picture, they are so precious! Picture perfect!!

View More: http://crystal-nicole.pass.us/joshkelseymarried

The centerpieces were white hydrangea with babies breath. Two DIY candle holders were placed on either side to complete the setup.

And lastly, the cake. A classy look accompanied by a babies breath topper accented with peach spray roses.

View More: http://crystal-nicole.pass.us/joshkelseymarried

Congratulations to the happy new couple!

All the best to you guys!

Kayla and Ronnie

One of my favorite weddings of 2013 was at The Villa in San Juan Capistrano for Kayla and Ronnie. They are the sweetest couple and just SO darn cute! Everything about their wedding was romantic, bright, warm and inviting! Tyler Branch, of Tyler Branch Photo, did an amazing job capturing every detail, so enjoy! 😉

The Villa  is such a unique venue with so many areas to place flowers to make your guest feel more at home. Here are a few of the lovely arrangements we had throughout some of the seating areas.

Kayla wanted a soft color pallet keeping in mind the sunset colors of Fall. So we used a lot of pastel colors with pops of orange and yellow. Some of the flowers used were; Stock, Larkspur, Kale, Anemones, Dahlias, Roses, Succulents and Lisianthus.

 Silver dollar eucalyptus, bay leaf, and pepper tree were some of the greens we used that were in full bloom during this season. Flowers were added to these on site urns in the courtyard area. Simply stunning!

Kale has been pretty popular these days, and was a “must have” for this wedding. Yes, it is the “giant green vegetable looking thing” in this centerpiece. 😉

Kayla has such a bright and bubbly personality! So we thought having her bouquet full of all color would help to make her shine brighter!

Mission accomplished! It was a perfect match!

With her bouquet being full of color, her bridesmaids bouquets were all white and really popped against their coral dresses.

 An added feature to their wedding, was a moss-covered “K” and “R” to welcome the guest’s! Love the grey suits for the guys!

The boutonnieres were cute and simple! Loved all the different ways we wrapped them!

Their arch. OMGOSH!!! It was so full and lush and I could go on talking forever and ever about it. By far, one of my favorites, of all times! And that says a lot, considering I’ve been doing flowers for over 10 years now!

Cheers to the happy couple!!

Their centerpieces consisted of hydrangea, kale, succulents, dahlias, roses, lisianthus, orchids and pepper tree.

The cake table was adorned with a couple of centerpieces and, of course, the toss bouquet. Simply jaw dropping! All of it!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this wedding a huge success! All the best to this lovely couple!

Antique Love Photo Shoot!!

During the summer, we had the opportunity to put together a fabulous photo shoot with some wonderful professionals, Studio Carre’ photography and Cynthia Zatkins Events. Our theme was antique love and this is what we came up with. Our spread in San Diego Style Weddings Magazine wasn’t able to show all the lovely details that went into this, so here we are to re-examine them for your viewing pleasure, ENJOY!

View More: http://studiocarre.pass.us/sdswtabletop2013

Marisa and I knew we wanted something to create a more dramatic effect while still maintaining the romantic feel of the shoot. We came up with this structure built of birch branches, covered it with curly willow, passion vines, hanging crystals and pearls. We also found these fantastic hanging votives and filled them with our theme flowers.

View More: http://studiocarre.pass.us/sdswtabletop2013

 It was all set and ready to shoot, until we all noticed this empty “hole” in the center of the hanging décor/votives. Michelle on site with no tools, minimal supplies “MacGyver’s” this little a bird nest, flower ball, gem. I think it might be my favorite part!

View More: http://studiocarre.pass.us/sdswtabletop2013

We used rope to tie the birch branches together and also used it to hang the structure from the tree. La Jolla Women’s Club let us use their location and if you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it. Their gardens are just beautiful!!

View More: http://studiocarre.pass.us/sdswtabletop2013

Peonies, garden roses, mint leaves, hydrangea, mokara orchids and budlia were just a few of the beauties we incorporated.

View More: http://studiocarre.pass.us/sdswtabletop2013

We used bud vases, mercury glass, a terrarium and antique candle holders to add to the theme. Each filled with something special! Lavender, succulents, curly willow the list goes on and on!

 View More: http://studiocarre.pass.us/sdswtabletop2013

 Our colors were melon and cornflower blue. Its hard to find blue flowers that will work with you, not against you. And thankfully, we found this gorgeous hyacinth! It was just the right touch to bind all the textures and colors together.

View More: http://studiocarre.pass.us/sdswtabletop2013

 Fresh Invitation Studio created this wonderful dinner menu and “thank you” note to compliment our theme!

View More: http://studiocarre.pass.us/sdswtabletop2013

View More: http://studiocarre.pass.us/sdswtabletop2013

 All of it together, just melts my heart! It’s so precious, sweet, and inviting!

View More: http://studiocarre.pass.us/sdswtabletop2013

 For the special bride and groom, flowers were added to decorate their chairs. Ribbon and lace were used to tie on the beautiful florals and passion vine.

View More: http://studiocarre.pass.us/sdswtabletop2013

  What better to way to finish then with our gorgeous bouquet!

View More: http://studiocarre.pass.us/sdswtabletop2013

Thanks to every one who helped make this photo shoot a huge success! We appreciate all your hard work! Looking forward to the next one! 😉

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Bright and Peachy

Recently I had the honor to do the flowers for an old friend of mine. His lovely new bride had some fabulous taste mixed in with a DIY vision that created a warm and bright wedding! With her bridal bouquet full of peonies, dahlias, tulips and roses it was an explosion of color that took my breath away!


The jasmine vine and wildflower greens were my favorite accent to these beautiful flowers!


Her bridesmaids wore a bright coral color dress so we decided to tone down their bouquets and stick to neutral colors. Ivory dahlias, stock, roses and some bright tulips made these bouquets fabulous!


Looking at their bouquets up close and personal really helps you to see the fabulous colors and textures in these little beauties!


For their ceremony, an arch provided by the venue was decorated in natural vines, curly willow and these amazing flowers!


I loved the way this arch turned out! So pretty right!? Loving the hanging amaranthus!!


The DIY can be clearly seen by these adorable mason jars the bride provided for her centerpieces!


Their wedding cake was so cute with the burlap boarder and “K” topper. Only a couple of blooms were needed to tie it all together!


Once again, Congratulations to the happy couple! So thankful that I was able to be part of your special day!!


Seven Stems 2nd Photo Shoot!

It’s that time again! Unlimited freedom to create whatever I want for the pleasure of sharing with all of you wonderful people! Setting up and creating a design can easily become a love hate relationship for me; I get to create whatever I want, but I have to limit myself and pick one theme! Unlike the first photo shoot, where we did a spread of different bridal bouquets, I wanted to create more of one style: bridal bouquet, boutonniere and one table centerpiece that had various pieces to play around with. One of my favorite colors to work with is purple, and it always goes great with white and different textures/shades of green. To keep an earthy feel I decided to add succulents, herbs, and spring flowers. (Oh yea, we really got into it this time!!) I found a really CUTE bird-cage, which has been the popular subject around me lately, and some candle holders to match. **I had a wedding a few weeks ago which was entirely bird themed…all kinds of feathers EVERYWHERE, bird-cage centerpieces with random bird figurines which all blended together perfectly and became one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever done. I had to share, sorry!** SO back to our photo shoot…. It turned out just lovely and I am once again so incredibly thankful for all the wonderful help I received to make this possible! I couldn’t have done it with out all of you, and of course the big man upstairs to feed my brain with these creative juices 😉

This bridal Bouquet was your traditional round shape, but I added some jasmine vines and other cascading herbs to give it more of a romantic look.

The boutonniere to match, was made from lavender,  black scabiosa buds and some rosemary. Wrapped in the same fabric as the bridal bouquet.

The table centerpiece had many parts to it, that could be combined and rearranged countless times and gave off a different feel every time! My favorite piece was the bird cage of course, as well as the candlesticks ….and the cool wooden boxes. OK I loved it all!!

Here’s a closer look inside the bird cage, super simple, yet it stands out and looked amazing! Succulents, scabiosa pods (the brown lollipop looking thing) anemones, birch branches and jasmine.

Cant forget to mention the Spanish moss, the grey hairy curly looking stuff, it might seem strange, but it adds such an organic vibe! Not to mention more bird like if that is your theme 😉

The short candlestick was I think the prettiest to look at. It had the best combo of all elements and really took my breath away!

These cubes, or wooden boxes were a cute addition to the table centerpieces. They had the same flowers, but brought a whole new vibe to the mix because of their shape and container.

This type of centerpiece would go best on a rectangular table, as it can be spread out to cover more area and really stand out. Candles, small votive or floating, can be added to the mix to really make it spectacular! You could also add bud vases to really fill it in and make an even greater impact!

I want to thank everyone who helped make this photo shoot happen! I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for! Thank you GOD 🙂

Short Stems, Tall Order!!

Centerpieces: if they aren’t tall, their considered short.  I’ve already posted about the Big Guys (https://sevenstemsblog.com/2012/03/27/the-big-guys/) so now I’m going to mention the short guys. They are definitely easier to make and  economically friendly. If you are on a budget, or want to add a variety to your reception with a combo of half tall, half short I’d definitely recommend doing some of short arrangement. Another bonus to them is they are out of  eye sight, which is nice for your guests so they don’t have to talk over flowers to someone on the other side of their table. Because small arrangements are easier to transport they can also be a great  souvenir for your guest to take home (unless you rented the containers/vases and need to return them to your florist, in that case please remind your guest not to take them!).  Over the 9 years of doing weddings, I’ve definitively seen some unique and different centerpieces, below are just a few of the ones I’d like to share with you!

This head table was one of my favorites because it incorporated long wooden boxes with some manzanita trees in between.

Silver Urns in my opinion are very romantic! There was no variation in size for this particular wedding, but these urns made a big impact with their simplicity and beauty.

This may not seem like your typical short arrangement, but compared to the other centerpieces (which you can see in my blog about the big guys) they were. I love how each vase is filled with one type of flower, complimenting each other and definitely making a huge impact.

A very tropical wedding used short arrangements not only for their centerpieces, but also for the bar decor adding a little bit of beauty to an already gorgeous setting.

I love wood boxes! They add so much natural beauty, especially if your vibe is very earthy. Succulents are also one of my favorites and I just drooled over this entire wedding!

Adding props is also very easy to do when you have short centerpieces! These lanterns were very cool and looked great with their candles lit at night! (Tip: Short arrangement’s don’t even necessarily have to be in a container, these were made on bamboo plates!)

For smaller wedding parties, short centerpieces just make more sense. To spice up these arrangements, a river rock runner and clusters of floating candles were added. Such a great idea!!

More wood boxes, but this time much shorter to allow better flower coverage. They also have space for candles to add more of a romantic feel.

I absolutely LOVE this color combo!! It is just so happy and really made a big impact with the different sizes and adding the floating candles.